Stat Type: 

A Stargazer with this Gift can introduce an unsolvable problem into a victim's mind. Depending on the effectiveness, the target could be completely immobilized by her new, fascinating train of thought. The effect varies with every individual, but it usually derives from the target's personality: A computer-hacking Glass Walker might try to discover the last digit of pi, while a Bone Gnawer might try to reason why, indeed, did the chicken cross the road. An avatar of Chimera teaches this gift, but hte garou must first solve her instructor's puzzle.


The Stargazer rolls her Manipulation + Subertfuge (difficulty of the target's Wits + Enigmas). The numbber of scucesses indicates the complexity of the problem and the extent to which the target is distracted. Each success also subtracts one die from the target's Dice Pools for an equal number of rounds. Each Willpower point the target spends reduces the effectiveness of this gift by 1.