Cloak of Shadows

Stat Type: 

The Ratkin can cloak himself, and anything he is touching, in shadows. This Gift is taught by a Night-spirit, which may demand secrets in exchange for its sacred knowledge.


The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation+Stealth. If a witness is present, the difficulty of this roll is the the Perception+Alertness of that witness; if several are present, use the one who would present the highest difficulty. The area cloaked depends on the number of successes, as listed below. If the Ratkin gets less successes than he thought he did, his reputation for treachery will increase - he might be the only one hidden!

Successes, Area Cloaked


1 - The Ratkin

2 - ...and one other human-sized person or object

3 - ...and three other human-sized people, or an object as big as a small car

4 - ...and eight or more humans, or am object as big as a small van

5+ - ...and 12 or more humans, or an object as big as a tractor-trailer truck

The Ratkin and/or those cloaked cannot move significantly while under this cover, or the Gift's powers are broken and the shadowed contents revealed.