Chill of Early Frost

Stat Type: 
(Get - Camp: Ymir's Sweat)

The Garou invokes the spirits of winter in a great ritual, summoning biting winds that whistle and shriek through the area. The chill is as much as mystical as it is physical, sent from the domain of great Wendigo himself.


The Garou chants for an hour and spends one Gnosis point. She then rolls Intelligence+Occult against a difficulty depending on the temperature (4 if it is already winter, 6 on a 70 degree spring day, 9 in the midst of a summer heat wave). Success drops the temperature in a five mile radius to below freezing (or even subzero if it was already winter). Anyone without natural fur coating (humans, Kindred, Garou in Homid or Glabro form) subtract two from all Dice Pools. The effect lasts for one hour per success.