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This is one of the fouler secrets possessed by Plague Lords. By carefully curing the skin or internal organs of other Changing Breeds, the Lord can weave a highly durable skein. With a bit of work, this can be crafted into form-fitting armor. Catgut armor, unfortunately, really pisses off other shapechangers. Bastet have been known to frenzy at the very sight of a Plague Lord wearing a leopard-skin coat or cat ears. (And yet, other wererats have been known to fall to the ground laughing.)


Preparing catgut armor requires a dead shapechanger, an hour of work, and the expenditure of a point of Gnosis. Roll Intelligence + Repair; if the roll succeeds, the pelt that's skinned bestows three extra dice for soaking damage. Shapechangers of the same Changing Breed as the victim of this Gift must make frenzy checks the first time they see it, or whenever they enter battle against a Ratkin wearing it. This Gift cannot be used on Ratkin.