Caern Building

Stat Type: 

This powerful rite creates a caern, a permanent area where the spirit world and the physical world touch. Simply reciting the rite draws the attention of the Wyrm's servitors, and actually performing the rite has been known to prove fatal. Only the most powerful and wise mystics dare lead such an undertaking. This rite requires a minimum of 13 Garou to participate in it.


This rite requires an extended roll of Wits+Rituals, though the leader may only use as many dice as he has Gnosis. The difficulty is always 8, and 40 successes are needed. Only one roll can be attemped per hour of the ritual.

Once the leader scores the required number of successes, all those involved in the rite must contribute Gnosis points - 100 are needed. If the total Gnosis available is not 100, all those participating in the rite begin to suffer aggravated wounds. Each wound counts as three more Gnosis points toward the total.

Botches during this rite are deadly. All characters involved suffer seven Health Levels of damage, those reduced below incap must roll a battle scar. If the minimum number of successes is rolled (40), the caern is ranked level One. The Gauntlet in the area is 4. Every five additional successes raises the level of the Caern by one. (Level 3 Caern's Gauntlet is 3, Level Five Caern's Gauntlet is 2). Immediately upon the rite's successful completion, the ritemaster must sacrifice a number of permanent Gnosis points equal to the level of the caern.