Bowl of the Beggar King

Stat Type: 

Gnosis: 8

Spirit: Ancestor Spirit, 'Brother Ludovico'

This is a small wooden bowl. It looks ancient, worn down by many hands, stained with soup and blood, even charred by flame across one section. A large cross is engraved on one side of it, with a circle of minutely carved glyphs surrounding it, though they are faded, smoothed down by the great sandpaper that is Time.


Upon activation, the user of the Fetish may ask the target for a hand-out. This is accompanied by a roll of charisma+subterfuge versus a difficulty of 9 minus the target's empathy. (Particularly callous, supernatural individuals may push the base difficulty up to 10, ie: Sabbat on most paths, Vampires with humanities below 5, BSD, Nephandi, anyone else who is so fundamentally un-generous that the spirit within the Fetish has an uphill struggle against) The number of successes and the target's personality and wealth determines the result of the fetish activation. The user will receive:

1 - Spare change or an useless item. Ex: a loose button, a cigarette butt.

2 - A larger amount of spare change. Something that might be useful, albeit of low quality and worth. Ex: a pencil, a pack of cigarettes.

3 - A generous gift, in cash or kind, but nothing that will be too sorely missed. Ex: a book, a tobacco pipe.

4 - A very decent helping of cash or a prized possession, either for its price or attachment to the owner. Ex: a nice cellphone, a box of fine cuban cigars.

5+ - As much cash as the person can spare at the moment, or an item of great value, wether monetary or sentimental. Ex: grandmother's wedding ring, a cigar given to the target by Fidel Castro himself.