Bane Klaive

Stat Type: 

Gnosis: 7

Spirit: Bane

A rather large sword, resembling the style of a medieval broadsword; the entire length of its blade is etched in with runes of Celtic look that shine with a green glow when the light is reflected the correct way off of it. The blade itself appears to be silver, though with a light green tint from the runes, giving it a sickly appearance. It has a slightly jagged edge, and a slight curve to the blade. The hilt is wrapped in a guarding rough leather, the pommel a blackened carving of a talon gripping a skull.


The Bane Klaive does aggravated damage to all creatures; against shifters it counts as silver and Wyrm emanations for purposes of inflicting damage. The Bane Klaive adds one extra die to its wielder's Melee pool when activated, and also allows a dancer to siphon Gnosis from spirits for his own use. After a successful hit versus a spirit that does at least one point of Power (or one Health Level, if the spirit is materialized), the Dancer may roll the Bane Klaive's Gnosis versus that of its victim. The Dancer may siphon out Gnosis at a rate of one point for each success, although this power may only be used once per scene.