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Vampire or Ghoul
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This Discipline is one of extrasensory awareness, empathy and perception. Those with this Discipline tend to be strongly affected by environmental phenomena, especially beauty. Loud noises can be very disturbing. Nearly all Auspex powers require some type of Perception roll to determine how much is learned and understood.

O Heightened Senses

You can sharpen all five of your senses to an extraordinary degree. This is done at will, and lasts as long as you choose. This allows you to double your normal ranges of hearing and sight, in terms of both distance and the conditions in which those senses are effective. Your other senses become equally useful; with the increased olfactory sensitivity, you can track even if there are no tracks left, and you can identify almost any object by touch alone.

There is a drawback, though, as loud noises or bright lights can disturb you while in this state. You may even become 'blind' in that particular sense for a short period of time (depending on the degree of noise or glare, it could be days). Thus, if you are exposed to sunlight while employing Heightened Senses, you may be blinded for a week, even after the aggravated damage sustained is healed.

You are also occasionally alerted to impending danger with unsettling premonitions. These premonitions are typically confusing, but can be invaluable.

OO Aura Perception

You can see the auras of other beings, the colors of which indicate their moods, identities and levels of hostility. This power also allows you to recognize other vampires (they have pale auras).

Even the most shallow, transparent person usually has several different colors composing his aura. The aura may shift between the different colors in a predictable cycle, or it might shift completely at random. The colors change along with the current emotional state of the character, and because people so often have mixed feelings, the aura is often mixed in color.

OOO The Spirit's Touch

With this power you may pick up an object and gain impressions of one of the individuals who last held it. This object reading is usually limited to a 'snapshot' of the tableau, but sometimes such things as the race, sex and even aura of the person in question can also be discerned. The Spirit's Touch can also reveal how the owner came to possess the item, or reveal what went on during the last moments the subject held the object.

OOOO Telepathy

You can probe the surface thoughts of any nearby subject and listen to them as you would listen to that person speak. Given enough time, you can learn nearly anything about the subject. For instance, you might be able to divine the sire of another vampire through Telepathy.

OOOOO Psychic Projection

You are able to expand your consciousness to such a degree that you can separate your mind from your body. While in this state you can travel without the use of your body, journeying nearly anywhere on Earth. However, as your astral self reaches the outermost point of the Moon's orbit, you will encounter what has been referred to as the Limit of the Lunar Sphere -- an impassable barrier.

The physical body left behind lies as motionless as if it were in torpor. Your mind stays with the astral self, and you have no way of knowing what is going on around or in your body. Indeed, for all you know, your body is in flames.

A silver cord, a diaphanous line grounding your conciousness to your body, connects your astral self to your real body. If this cord is severed during an astral mishap, you become completely lost and fully enter the astral plan, the realm of ghosts and shades. Finding one's body again rquires an arduous and terrifying journey.


Auspex vs Obfuscate:

Auspex vs Chimerstry:

System: Though the power comes into play largely through Storyteller discription, certain circumstances require the use of dice. The Storyteller secretly rolls a character's unmodified Auspex rating whenever danger might be sensed. The difficulty varies according to the circumstances (and whim). For instance, a warning that a gun has been pointed at the back of the character's head may only require a five, while the sudden realization that the prince is scheming against her at the next table may require a nine.

Clarification: Players may use +oocnotes to note that they have Auspex. So other characters intending harm, even scheming, should discuss with the Auspex user over a check. Or, if absolutely necessary, staff could be asked in.

Clarification: You roll Auspex for the Auspex danger sense and Perception+Alertness for the Danger Sense merit. So if you also have Danger Sense then you roll Perception+Alertness+Auspex.

Clarification: The difficulty is based primarily on how immenent the threat is and how serious. The number of successes on the roll determines how much you realize about the threat. So the more immenent the threat, like the gun pointing at you, the more likely you are to realize more of what is going on. The standard success chart works well enough. 3 successes is 'complete success' which should mean realizing enough to have a good idea of the source and immediacy of the danger.

O Heightened Senses

System/Clarification: Per the text above, doubles your senses. No mechanical guidelines given for difficulties or dice.

OO Aura Perception

The player must make a Perception+Empathy roll (difficulty 8). The Storyteller may wish to make this roll so that the player doesn't know if he failed or botched. Each success indicates how much of the aura is seen and can be understood (see the chart below). A botch indicates a mis-leading interpretation.

1 success Can only distinguish the shade (pale or bright)

2 successes Can distinguish color as well

3 successes Patterns can be recognized

4 successes Subtle shifts can be detected

5 successes Can identify mixtures of color and pattern

See the Aura Colors chart for examples of some of the predominant colors that can be found and what emotions the represent.

An aura may be looked at only once with clear vision. If the character attempts to look at it again, any failure should be considered a botch, as it is very easy to imagine seeing what one wants to see when it comes to auras.

Clarifications: Dark Metal has +aura code to automate this to a degree. See '+help aura'. Everyone is expected to set their aura. The code handles whether you see racial identifiers. Sparkles indicate active magic effects.

Current emotions and states require discussion with target players. Either with a standalone roll or if you see the colors with +aura.

Note: Deceitful is a color. This would be a way to indicate someone is lieing, for instance.

OOO The Spirit's Touch

The player must make a Perception+Empathy roll. The difficulty is determined by the age of the impressions and the mental and spiritual strength of the person who left them.

The number of successes determines the amount of information gained, both in terms of snapshots (images of the scene when the object was being held) and the nature of the person who was holding the object. Generally one snapshot and one aspect of the person's identity (Nature, Demeanor, aura, name, sex or age) is received for each success.

Clarifications: This requires a lot of discussion. Nature and Demeanor are not currently used on Dark Metal.

OOOO Telepathy

The player must make an Intelligence+Subterfuge roll with a difficulty equal to the subject's Willpower. One success must be rolled for each individual item of information plucked and level of conciousness pierced.

The vampire mind cannot normally be read, but a Willpower point may be spent to make the effort. After the point is spent, Intelligence+Subterfuge is rolled as normal.

The Storyteller should describe the mind of the subject by using a series of adjectives akin to a stream of conciousness. This forces the player to deduce for herself what is going on in that mind. For example, you might say, 'Sullen sorrow... Where is Damien? Worry... Can't wait he hears this one! Anticipation...' As is apparent, it can be somewhat difficult to understand what is going on inside the psyche, especially in the minds of the deranged.

OOOOO Psychic Projection

This is horribly long. I will summarize bullet points for now.

-Spend a WP and roll Perception+Occult (diff varies depending on difficulty of trip) to determine how well they fare on their trip and finds the destination.

-Speed up to 500 mph.

-Astral self is naked.

-Aura Perception and Telepathy can be used freely.

-WP must be spent to interact with physical world by manifesting as a ghost-like form for a turn.

-Others with Auspex may have premonitions that someone is nearby.

-Rules for combat with others in astral form are included here.

-Vampires do not travel in the spirit world, but they can sometimes interact with it. Ghosts and Lupines can sense them and attempt to harm them.

It might require higher Auspex to get to Arcadia.

Clarification: This runs in to crossover issues with mages and shifters and such with the spirit world on who can see who where.