Show which languages you know.

+lang <language>
Select your current language.

+speak [:;|]<text>
Say something in your current language. See qualifications below.

Alias for +speak.

+speak/tt [:;|]<text>
See +help places.

+language/show <language>
Displays information about <language>.

Lists the most common languages.

Lists all the languages.

Displays your Language points.

+language/learn <language>
Increases your skill with <language>.

+lang/prove <lang> to <who>
Prove a language to someone. (+lang/prove english to *Bob)

The language system allows characters to speak and write in languages other than English, attempting to simplistically model different degrees of understanding of various languages, and how easy they are to learn.

+speak (and >) permit posing, and | emits.

Fluencies: You may purchase as many languages to full (5-point) fluency as you have Linguistics dots.  English and certain innate racial languages do not count against this total.



> +language/list

Some of the more commonly spoken languages in LATMA: 

Spanish Italian Greek Portuguese Polish French Japanese Cantonese Arabic Hindi German Dutch Russian Thai Korean Tagalog Vietnamese ASL

> +lang

You speak the following languages (* marks selected language):
 English-5 Native speaker

> +language/points
You have 60 language points to spend.

> +language/show welsh
Language: Welsh Family: Celtic
Your Level: 0 - Unknown
Cost to Improve: 3 language points

+language/learn welsh

Learned Welsh-1 at a cost of 3 language points.
You have 57 points left

+language/learn welsh
Learned Welsh-5 at a cost of 3 language points.
You have 45 points left.

+lang welsh
Language set.

 English-5      Native speaker
*Welsh-5        Native Speaker

+speak Nice weather we're having.
You say, "Nice weather we're having." in Welsh.

>:laughs and points. "He doesn't speak this language!"
Bob laughs and points. "He doesn't speak this language!" (Welsh)