Cosmology system of beliefs (scientific, philosophical and/or metaphysical) that seeks to describe or explain the origin and structure of the universe. A cosmology attempts to establish an ordered, harmonious framework that integrates time, space, the planets, stars, and other celestial phenomena. In so-called 'primitive' societies', cosmologies help explain the relationship of human beings to the rest of the universe and are therefore closely tied to religious beliefs and practices. In modern industrial societies, cosmologies seek to explain the universe through astronomy and mathematics. Metaphysics also plays a part in the formation of cosmologies. Cosmologies of the DM universe tend to differ widely from group to group. This is as much true for supers as it is for regular humans. See this article for more information. Cosmology deals mostly with the navigation, meaning and 'natural' laws with in the Umbra but it also confers some basic understanding of the inhabitants. Deep knowledge of the inhabitants of the Umbra are covered in Lore: Spirit. This Ability reflects your knowledge and understanding of the workings of Umbra and its many spirit-realms. Using this Trait, you can navigate the Umbra, identify Realms, understand the workings of the Horizon, the Gauntlet, the Shroud etc. For Mages, Cosmology is intimately related to the sphere of Spirit as that Sphere deals with the manipulation and control of the Umbra's inhabitants, habitats and barriers. Spirit effects frequently require some degree of expertise in cosmology.
1 - You know of the Umbra and have developed a simplistic view of how the universe works. 2 - You know the major areas to avoid and have a more detailed understanding of how the universe works. 3 - You can navigate the Spirit without too much trouble and rarely get lost. Further more you have developed a sophisticated cosmology to explain the universe. 4 - You are familiar with uncommon and difficult-to-find places and persons in the Otherworlds. Your Cosmological knowledge is deep and sought after. 5 - You're a real veteran and an expert. You are a seasoned Umbral traveler. There is very little about the Umbra and it's workings that you don't know. Your insights into the workings of the universe are complex and profound and likely difficult for others to understand.
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