You can evaluate the worth of many different things, ranging from stocks to enterprises. You can judge values and stock market changes and can make good investments. This stat is particularly useful when it comes to cashing out, as well, as it and your intelligence determine how much you can recoup on your investments and how fast.
You could be a lowly accountant. You can put your knowledge to use as a company official. You could own a bank. You can multiply your capital on almost any investment. Scroodge McDuck Difficulty and number of successes needed to cash out your resources: Diff 6: 8 weeks Diff 7: 6 weeks Diff 8: 4 weeks Diff 9: 2 weeks Diff 10: Overnight Results: On 3 or more successes, you cash out the exact amount you wanted. On 2 successes: add a week, or subtract 10% On 1 success: add three weeks, or subtract 25% On 0 successes: wait 1 week and roll again, adding one to the difficulty On a botch: you cash out in the time you want to, but at the next resources level down And the wizard handling your request makes these rolls, if the application to cash out is approved (it is NOT a guaranteed thing, and we will look closely at your reasons). If you don't have finances, someone else can cash your resources out for you -- for a fee.
Freebie Cost