The jaguars are Central American by heritage and often tightly bound to their ancestral roots. Fractious and independent, they defend their territory fiercely, most often found in the Central and South American rain forests, though some prefer cities to the wilds.


The Garou has a superior sense of balance, and can walk across thin ledges or slippery surfaces with little fear of falling. This Gift is taught by a Wind spirit.


The Triat is in everyone, but sometimes one aspect touches a person more strongly than another. This imbalance manifests in many ways, from a Wyld-fed madness to a Wyrm-spawned depression or the joyless routine of the Weaver.


Description: The Black Spiral can hurl spheres of sickly green flame at his opponent.

Balor's Gaze

One of the Garou's eyes begins to glow a baleful red. Its stare is horrifying, causing wracking pain in any being who meets its glare and wholse resolve falters. This Gift is taught by a Pain spirit.

Bane Arrow

A slim arrow, carved from some old tree. The head of the arrow itself is carved from obsidian, and is carefully engraved with no small number of barbs.

Bane Arrows

Gnosis 4 These obsidian-headed arrows seek out Banes whether they are visible or not, automatically dealing three dice of aggravated damage (in addition to any successes rolled). This attack is so agonizing to Banes that they cannot help but scream out in pain.

Bane Binding

One of the Uktena's most important self-appointed tasks is the capture and binding of powerful Banes that, for whatever reason, cannot be destroyed.

Bane Klaive

Gnosis: 7 Spirit: Bane A rather large sword, resembling the style of a medieval broadsword; the entire length of its blade is etched in with runes of Celtic look that shine with a green glow when the light is reflected the correct way off of it.

Bane Lantern

Gnosis: 5 Spirit: Bane A rusted, battered lantern that is crafted from an odd conglomeration of tin and steel, with frayed ropes coiled around it to form an easy handle.

Bane Lock

Gnosis 8+ This fetish most often resembles a sand painting or small clay sculpture, but appearances can vary enormously. These are used to capture powerful friendly spirits, and applied to Bane-prisons to create a balance that holds the spirit in check.

Bane Protector

Description: The Garou may call to nearby Banes to help and protect her. The Banes may resist if they choose, but as long as the Garou is acting in the best interests of the Wyrm, will probably not. They will even fight for her, though not to the point that it means their own destruction.


Gnosis: 7 Spirit: Chimera A small amulet, wrapped in faded, brown leathery cloth, hung on a thong that's seen better days.

Banish Burning

This Gift became necessary during the Madness, when sorcerers and witch-hunters both tossed cats on the pyre to please demons and God. With it, the Ceilican may protect herself or a companion from normal fire.

Banish Cahlash's Brood

By calling upon the Father of Dark Spirits, a Bubasti may command one of his brood to depart. Of course, powerful spirits or ones bound into fetishes wont be easily dismissed; doing so may demand great rituals or even a sacrifice.

Banish Sickness

Cats have long been renowned for their healing prowess. With a purr and a lick, a skillful Bastet can cure minor diseases and chase venoms away. Although a Bastet never takes ill herself, this Gift is helpful when a loved one is unwell.

Banish Totem

By speaking words of forbiddance, the Uktena can bar pack or personal totems from giving their children aid. Doing so also disrupts the spiritual rapport between packmates, making it difficult for them to execute pack tactics or act in concert. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.


(Ju-Fu Gift) By brandishing the pictogram and demanding the spirit return home, the Fox may force spirits back into their native realms.

Banned Transformation

Some event prevents you from changing, except to breed form. You must spend a Willpower point and make a Willpower roll to change forms successfully when the restricting circumstance occurs.