Awakening of Gaia's Strength

This rite is used to strengthen and fortify a structure, such as the walls around a city, or a door or gate. The rite works only on walls and doors made of stone or wood (not metal, glass or any other material).

Awakening of the Steel

*              Confer with the Blade **            Grasp of the Mountain ***          Pierce Steel's Skin ****        Razor's Shield *****      Strike at the True Flesh


You believe in magic. You know it exists. Usually this merit is possessed by acolytes or custos. Because of your knowledge, you are not considered a witness for the purposes of paradox.


This Trait reflects an innate ability to 'sense' the supernatural and determine its nature. This ability can range from having 'funny feelings about the guy with the fangs' to 'hey, he's a vampire'.


The Garou, simply by her bearing and speech, proves to others her mastery and right to rule the other tribes. This Gift is taught by a Falcon spirit.

Axis Mundi

By spending a Gnosis point, the lupus can center herself in relation to Gaia, and always know which direction she is traveling in or facing, no matter where she may be in the Gaia realms. In addition, the lupus carries her 'territory' around with her, in a mystical sense.


One of the most basic, rudimentary and mindless of the Urges, Ba'ashkai, the Urge of Violence, was born in the Wyrm's maddening struggle against the constricting strands of the Pattern Web.


Warning: This is not a PC clan. Nickname: Demons Originating in Mesopotamia, the Baali are devil-worshippers. They are more committed to utter evil than the most psychotic Malkavian or brutal Sabbat Bishop.


The Shifter can cause another to lose the ability to read, write, or speak any language - the only possible vocalizations are animalistic grunts and noises.

Babel's Cure/Curse

Any human language may be translated or turned to gibberish in the Bastet's vicinity.

Baby Face

You look more human than other vampires. You still breathe (though you don't need to), your skin is pink, and you may make your heart beat.

Bacchantes' Rage

In the wilds, a Garou may use this gift to channel the destructive power of the Wyld through his or her anger. Damage from attacks made by the Garou increases dramatically, and an attack almost always leaves a wound on an opponent.


The Ratkin can disappear into the Umbra and instantly reappear behind hisopponent. The wererat then attacks his victim from behind, gleefully exploiting the benefit of surprise. Knife-Skulkers have no qualms against using this Gift to fulfill an assassination contract.

Bad Mojo Powder

You see a small drawstring bag, perhaps half the size of a man's clenched fist. It looks to be made of old burlap or possibly even the cloth from an old shirt. It isn't too heavy, but it does look like it's full of dirt or sand or something.

Bad Sight

You've got really bad vision. You are, in fact, partly blind. Corrective lenses aren't an option.

Bad Taste

You taste really bad. People biting you tend to get sick and wolves won't lick you.

Badger's Burrow

The guardians (sept members) of the caerns become so connected to their bawn they can sense all that goes on within its boundaries.

Badger's Heart

Metis often possess angry hearts, and in their own way, they have a keen understanding of Rage, no matter what their auspice. This Gift allows them to affect the Rage of other werewolves, causing their enemies to expend more of it than necessary. A Badger-spirit teaches this gift.


Panthers and leopards, the Bagheera are known for being well-traveled among their kind, tending to curiosity and scholarship, hedonism and convenience. They're prone to a greater community-bonding than most other tribes, despite their tendency to wanderlust.