By standing in a particular area, the character can commune with the spirits of the area, thus getting an overview of what exits or has happened in the area - rough population, secret tunnels (trails), places of note and so on.

Audial Filters

Audial filters provide a variety of useful services for the cyborg with enhanced hearing.

Audio Recorder

A small processor and static RAM chip allow the user to record up to 10 minutes of high-fidelity (DAT quality) sound or up to 40 minutes of low-fidelity sound. Headware memory may be used to increase recording times.

Aura of Confidence

By radiating an aura of strength and control, the Garou can interfere with attempts to spot her weaknesses or read her aura. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor spirit.

Aura of Ferocity

The harsh, untamed wilderness frequently brings death to humans who venture into it unprepared. With this Gift, the Garou can heighten the fear humans have of the wild. A panic-stricken human may be unable to act or have to flee the area. An Ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.

Aura of Leadership

Similar to the Level Two Silver Fang Gift: Awe, this Gift surrounds the Garou with an aura of authority that enables her to assume the mantle of leadership for a brief period of time. Others react to the Garou as if she was their pack leader - including the pack leader.

Aura of Nobility

Even at her worst, this Garou looks her best. Despite her character, or lack thereof, the Shadow Lord seems to be above contempt or slander. A Cobra-spirit teaches this Gift.

Aura of the Just

When the Gift user commits a just act, everyone around him knows it merely by gazing at him. The Aura of the Just proclaims to one and all that this Garou is in the right. Where circumstances or perceptions might cloud the judgment of witnesses, the Gift clears all doubts.


This Discipline is one of extrasensory awareness, empathy and perception. Those with this Discipline tend to be strongly affected by environmental phenomena, especially beauty. Loud noises can be very disturbing.

Auspicious Birth

Fate smiled upon your parents, and you were born under the proverbial lucky star. You are considered lucky to have around, and are a natural choice to lead a sentai.

Austere Howl

Once the most powerful and honorable of houses, its power have declined along with the British Empire. Its fortunes have fallen precipitously in the 20th century. And the Garous disappointment with their fate turned to bitterness and Harano.


You hide your secrets from others. Even more importantly, you hide your true self. Anyone who understands you can hurt you, so no one must ever see the real you, or even come close.


Control-freak. The Autocrat wants to be in charge. He seeks prominence for its own sake, not because he has an operation's best interests at heart or because he has the best ideas (though he may certainly think so).


The Garou must be in a mountainous or otherwise tectonically unstable area. The Garou causes an avalanche, mudslide, etc. to engulf his foes. This Gift is taught by an earth elemental.


A fascination with the trendy and new. You must always be in the forefront - always the first with a piece of news, a dance or fashion trend, or a discovery in the arts. Nothing pains you more than hearing news secondhand, or someone else telling you about a hot new band.


Avatar is the measure of the strength of a Mage's immortal soul. How old, how wise, and how potentially powerful it is. It also translates into the base Quintessence score.

Avoid Fate

With this gift, the Stargazer can dodge the wheels of fate for the moment. Through a preternatural connection between herself and the universe, she avoids certain disaster. A cat spirit teaches this gift.

Awaken Beast

This is the old ability out of legends and folklore: the power to change someone else into a werewolf by biting him.