Arrow of Artemis

To honor Luna in her aspect as Artemis, the huntress of the moon, the Black Furies strive to master the art of archery. This Gift is the ultimate expression of their skill.


A Pathos-fueled item of some power in the Shadowlands.

Artifice Dedication

The major difference between Artifice Dedication and Talisman Dedication is that it is capable of causing items to shrink greatly in size, so that they may even use them in rodens form. It is performed by the ritemaster for another ratkin.


These are interested in the beauty found in the serenity of their minds and surroundings. Often they are disenchanted with their own kind.


The Ash Path allows necromancers to peek into the lands of the dead and even to affect things there.


The ancient Greek healer Asklepios was the greatest physician of the ancient world, and the Children and their Kin aided his cult for a thousand years. This rite allows the ritemaster and his patient(s) to see the correct cure for diseases and wounds untreatable normally.


American Sign Language


Nickname: Assassins Vampires are the killers in the night, and none moreso than the Assamites. Called in regularly by the world's Justicars as archons and by princes as assassins, no clan is more feared by the Kindred.

Assamite Antitribu

Nickname: Angels of Caine Not every Assamite succumbed to the blood curse brought about by the Tremere. A small group had escaped and joined the Sabbat, some of which became feared as members of the notorious Black Hand.

Assamite Sorcery

1-5 Assamite Sorcery Base Path: Awakening of the Steel

Assassin's Klaive

Gnosis 5 Legendary Shadow Lord Theurges have been known to dedicate klaives for the purpose of destroying rivals of the Lords. These weapons are more like slender daggers than large knives and are designed to be hidden under clothing.


The Garou is able to blend smoothly into any culture, no matter how strange or alien the culture is. The Garou can slip among Bedouin nomads as if he were one of them, or shop in a Chinese market without anyone noticing he does not belong.


You have problems breathing. Your lungs just won't take in as much air as they should, so if you exert yourself you tire quickly.

Astral Mind

The Garou can project his consciousness from his body into the Umbra. From there, his mind can enter realms denied physical beings. Since Garou are physical in the Umbra when they step sideways, they cannot usually enter these realms.

Astral Projection

The power of Astral Projection allows the psychic to split his spirit off from his body. The discarnate spirit can travel very quickly in this form. While in astral form, the psychic cannot physically affect the real world, though he may use other psychic abilities.

Asura's Bane

As the Level Three Bubasti Gift: Banish Cahlash's Brood, except that using it turns the tiger's pelt white instead of black. Unlike the shadowcats, tigers channel Rahjah to banish corruption.


This Trait measures your familiarity with sports in general and your athletic potential and ability. You would use this ability to jump over a pit filled with snakes while chewing gum at the same time.


The crown chakra stirs and the third eye opens.


Attract or repel a certain type of animal by creating an appropriate kami.