Alcohol Tolerance

You're extremely tolerant of alchohol and other natural intoxicants, and it takes you quite a while to get drunk.


Over the years you have taught yourself how to survey your surroundings and remain alert at all times. You are quick to react in most situations because of the attention that you pay the world about you.

Alien City

You find the cities to be intimidating, unsavory, or uncomfortable in some way. You were born outside of one, or had horrible experiences in them as a kid. As a result, you have some underlying negativity towards cities.

All Beasts Under the Sun

As the Black Fury Gift: The Thousand Forms.

All Hell

By summoning a swarm of Wyldling spirits and Rat-spirits, you can invoke sheer pandemonium. They'll crawl the wails, manipulating mundane objects randomly, and causing sheer chaos. Any non-Ratkin in the room is hit with the Delirium.

All Machines Day

Many spirits are often rejected and ignored, but the servant spirits of machinery find themselves performing redundant labor on a daily basis forced upon them by humans. The humans drive them until they break or dissipate for lack of Gnosis.


You're allergic to something. It makes you cough, sneeze, and break out in hives.


Allies are NPCs which for some reason are inclined to do your character favors. For example, they will never /give/ you a gun, but on a successful roll they might introduce you to someone who'll sell you one.

Allies Below

Howl, you crazy bastard! If you let forth a rousing yawp, the spirits of the Earth will answer you. Wyrm creatures far beneath the Earth's crust will cause minor tremors in the ground above them.

Alms to the Poor

Beggars are an all-too-common feature of of the Bubasti homelands. As a kindness (and perhaps as a bribe to the gods), the shadowcats developed this secret, which allows one to conjure up a small bit of food or money to give to a beggar.

Alter Mood

The Wyrsta may slightly alter the mood of a sinyle individual, making that person elated rather than just happy or despairing instead of sad.

Alter Scent

The Garou can change his scent trail to evade a hunter or leave a false trail. The Garou can reproduce any scent he has encountered, from deer to diesel trucks. A skunk-spirit teaches this gift.

Alteration of Generations

The ancient lupus among the Children of Gaia beheld the “eternal heat” of humankind and realized that this ability could vastly increase their breeding capability as well as enhancing the pleasures of mating.


You have a high degree of off-hand dexterity, and may use your off hand without penalty. This does NOT negate any other additional penalties on the roll, such as the +1 for splitting actions.

American Dream

Only those born in the 1950's or 1960's can become Children of the American Dream. Prior to the '50s, the Dream was not strong enough to makr its children as its own, and after the '60s, it lost much of its power.


You don't remember anything about your past. Who are you, where did you come from? Maybe even, WHAT are you?

Amulet of Kinship

Gnosis 5 Garou bestow this fetish upon honored Kinfolk as a symbol of protection and service. All Garou the wearer meets instantly know her to be Kinfolk of note.

Amulet of Tongues

Gnosis 8 This small wooden talisman is hung around the neck on a leather cord. When activated, its wearer can understand all language and forms of communication, including spirit speech.


You've been a Vampire for a long time and you just haven't changed with the times, for whatever reason.


Anaconda is the lurking hunter of the jungle, slithering from the trees above or through the water below to suddenly leap at her prey. She does not use poison to take down her enemies, but instead relies on her constriction and terrible bite.