Wyrm Dagger

Gnosis: 6 Spirit: Psychomachinae This sharp bladed weapon seems to be carved of some dark vein of ivory, giving rise to the thought that it was taken from a -huge- piece of tusk. But there's something about the design...that reminds you of a tooth, from some colossal creature...

Wyrm Hide

Description: The Black Spiral hardens his skin into a leathery hide, covering himself with pustulent, discolored flesh. If he's actually wounded, the skin around the wound takes on a bluish tinge. The second circle of the labyrinth requires a dance of Rage.

Wyrm Lion

This is not a Totem Spirit, this is a Level 5 Spirit Familiar.

Wyrm Mirror

Gnosis 7 A Wyrm Mirror is a plate of silver in a bone frame, used to detect the Wyrm's presence. By catching the reflection of the target in the mirror and successfully activating the fetish, the Garou will see an eerie green glow around anything tainted by the Wyrm (including himself).

Wyrm Scale

A chip of stone, or maybe a petrified scale from some great reptile, upon which is engraved a single rune.

Wyrm Whispers

Considered too dangerous by the other tribes, this Gift gives the Uktena insight into the thoughts of Wyrm creatures. The Uktena can read even the most vile thoughts of Banes, if the Garou can hold her stomach. A Dream-spirit teaches this Gift.


Whether through your own twisted service to the Wyrm, an unfortunate quirk of heredity or just because of a supernatural accident, you reek of the enemy's blight, A number of Gifts allow shapechangers to notice your foul stench and most may want to kill you outright. This is a risky Flaw!


House Wyrmfoe is our youngest house. It arose in England, France and Spain in the mid-1300s, born in the chaos of the Inquisition when the Garou needed heroes at the most. A Century after its creation the new world was discovered and the house moved out of Europe en masse.


Not precisely a true language, Wyrmtongue is an expression of the speaker's corruption, understood in kind by those also corrupted.  It cannot be learned in traditional fashion.


The serpentine Wyvern is sometimes a herald of war, and unrest, warning of approaching trouble. He despises the Wyrm greatly, and is not above using dirty tactics when doing battle with corruption.


1) +2 alertness.

Xochipilli's Touch

The Nuwisha using Xochipilli's Touch brings luck Co herself or to a target. Usually the luck is short-term, but whether that luck is good or bad is entirely in the hands of the Nuwisha.


Utility stat. Character's current experience point total.

Yomi Slayer Spells

Gnosis 5 Small sheets of rice paper with carefully inked glyphs.


Yongar is an athletic totem, valuing physical prowess and speed. He is alert and intimidating. Children of Yongar are energetic and brave, protecting those weaker than themselves.

Yoshitsune's Sword

The raven can increase a companion's sword skill to levels she herself cannot achieve. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor-spirit.


1) Zarok grants each member of the pack an effective level of Pure Breed when dealing with other Garou. 2) Zarok grants each member of the pack 4 additional dice in leadership.


These robust Stargazers prefer to join in the turmoil of the world rather than cultivate the still mind in a caern. They travel among other Garou, joining packs and spreading their wisdom through example.