Category Title Body
Abilities Empathy You have insight in others' emotions and can respond to them accordingly. You could probably understand what motivates a person, or you could detect a lie. However, you often feel exactly as the other person does, sympathizing with them to an amazing level.
Abilities Enigmas This Knowledge helps you in solving puzzles and finding the answers to difficult questions. It lets you combine facts, logical bits and pieces, to formulate a deduction that will give you the answer.
Abilities Escapology You are able to worm your way out of almost any kind of bond or restraint. Handcuffs, ropes, chains, nothing can hold you if you're good enough.
Abilities Etiquette You are familiar with the rules of social surroundings and the nuances pertaining thereto. Your manners are impeccable and you manage to make a good impression on people who pay attention to such things.
Abilities Expression Expression is what lets a character make herself understood, whether writing, talking, singing or dancing. She expresses herself and the world sees and understands.
Abilities Finance You can evaluate the worth of many different things, ranging from stocks to enterprises. You can judge values and stock market changes and can make good investments.
Abilities Firearms This Ability reflects your competence at firing and repairing guns. These guns could range from a .22 cal pistol to an AK-47 rifle.
Abilities Flight You happen to have wings - so you can fly. This talent describes your natural aptitude for the ability.
Abilities Fortune-Telling You may or may not have the gift to tell accurate fortunes, but you can make people believe you do. This Ability may prove useful as a plot device or as a means for the character to earn money.
Abilities Hacking You are familiar with security designs for computer software, how to locate bugs and loopholes in the code, and how to take advantage of them.
Abilities Herbalism This Trait covers the identification and use of herbs and plants in the preparation of food, healing and harming potions and poultices.
Abilities History History covers your knowledge of the world's past. You may have specialized on a specific area or period. You know what happened, when, why, and who was in on it. You also have an idea of the socio-economical conditions of the time.
Abilities Hypnotism Using this Trait, you can place a willing subject into trance and treat psychiatric problems, or garner information. An unwilling subject would have to be immobilized for this Trait to work on him or her. The number of successes indicate the depth of the trance.
Abilities Instruction With Instruction, you can teach subjects in ways that let others learn easily and well. Though you can never raise a student's rating above your own, this Talent allows you to teach others your Skills and Knowledges.
Abilities Intimidation You can use words or actions to your advantage, becoming overbearing and menacing to people in order to get them to do or say what you want.
Abilities Intuition This Trait reflects your ability to follow your instincts and the degree to which those instincts are true and accurate. You can use this Ability to find the missing link from your scrutiny of a situation, or to find the answer to a seemingly inexplicable puzzle.
Abilities Investigation Investigation reflects your training in basic criminology and forensic analysis. You can locate evidence and reach conclusions, finally reconstructing a scene to see what really happened.
Abilities Kailindo Kailindo is a Garou-developed martial art, created by the Zephyr Stargazers as a way to conduct non-lethal duels. It isn't very popular and few know it.
Abilities Law You know the law and you can manipulate it to fit your needs. You can work through the system and get what you want. This isn't the law of the United States, however; corporate law as practiced within the LATMA area is a very different entity.
Abilities Leadership This Trait reflects your ability to get people to follow you. It's not so much as knowing certain techniques, as being the type of person someone would follow. Using this Trait, you can get others to obey your orders by exerting authority over them.