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Stat Category LStat Lists
Wither Limb Gifts metis_4, knife-skulker_4
Withering Stare Gifts bastet_gifts, bastet_5
Wits Attributes mental mental
Wizard's Mark Rituals rituals_1
Woad Rites rites_all
Woadling Gifts fianna_3
Wolf at the Door Gifts red_talons_2
Wolf Sight Merits physical merits_garou
Wolf Years Flaws flaws_shifter
Wolf's Obsession Flaws flaws_garou
Wolf's Terror Gifts bastet_4
Wolf-Sense Merits mental merits_kinfolk
Wolfpelt Rites rites_all, rites_4
Wolverine Totems war totems
Word Beyond Gifts corax_1
Word of Honor Gifts silver_fangs_2
Wotan's Spear Fetishes fetish_5
Wounding Rites rites_renown, rites_all, rites_1
Wrack Thorns thorns
Wraith Kinship Fetishes fetish_3
Wrath of Gaia Gifts silver_fangs_3
Wrath of Nala Gifts bastet_gifts, bastet_metis_5
Wrench of the Luffe Gremlin Fetishes fetish_3
Wriggle Gifts metis_2
Wsitiplaju's Bow Gifts wendigo_4
Wu Languages languages, languages_secondary
Wyld Ferocity Gifts lupus_3
Wyld Spirits Gifts planetary_meros_3
Wyld Throw Gifts umbral_dansers_2
Wyld Warp Gifts black_furies_5
Wyldflute Fetishes fetish_3
Wyrm Pantheons pantheons
Wyrm Dagger Fetishes fetish_3
Wyrm Hide Gifts black_spiral_dancers_2
Wyrm Lion Totems totems
Wyrm Mirror Fetishes fetish_2
Wyrm Scale Fetishes talens
Wyrm Whispers Gifts uktena_3
Wyrm-Tainted Flaws supernatural flaws_kinfolk
Wyrmfoe camps
Wyrmtongue Languages languages, languages_secondary
Wyvern Totems war totems
Wyvern Totems totems
Xochipilli's Touch Gifts nuwisha_1
XP Other misc
Yiddish Languages languages, languages_secondary
Yomi Slayer Spells Fetishes talens
Yongar Totems war totems
Yoshitsune's Sword Gifts tengu_3
Zarok Totems totems