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Stat Category LStat Lists
Bone Rhythms Rites rites_minor, rites_all
Bones Paths paths
Bones of Dambala Fetishes fetish_4
Bones of Shielding Fetishes fetish_2
Bonyscrap Jamaks jamak
Boobook Totems wisdom totems
Boon of the Animal Fathers Gifts lupus_5
Border Control Division method_the_sysops
Botched Moliation Flaws flaws_wraith
Bottled Voice Rituals rituals_4
Bougoodoogahdah Totems wisdom totems
Bouncing Rock Fetishes fetish_5
Bound Flaws flaws_wraith
Bowl of the Beggar King Fetishes fetish_5
Brand of the Paramour Rituals rituals_1
Branded Statuses status
Bravo Archetypes archetypes
Brawl Abilities talent talents
Break the Bonds Gifts philodox_6
Break the Loom Gifts stargazers_5
Breakfast of Stones Gifts qualmi_1
Breaking the Tomorrow Wall Gifts midnight_sun_2
Breath of Gaia Rites rites_minor, rites_all
Breath of Sweet Amrita Gifts nagah_4
Breath of the Dragon Lords Gifts nagah_5
Breath of the Wyld Gifts black_furies_1
Breath of Yu-Chiang Gifts doshi_1
Breeding Rites mystic rites_silver_fang
Breeding Pack Merits racial_ties merits_garou
Brew Gifts fianna_2
Bridge Walker Gifts galliard_4
Bright Merits merits_wraith
Bring Forth the Future Gifts planetary_tambiyah_5
Bringers of Light camps
Broken Silence Fetishes talens
Brujah Identities clans, clans_camarilla
Brujah Antitribu Identities clans, clans_sabbat
Bubasti Identities bastet_tribes
Buffalo Run Gifts ronin_2
Bulimia Flaws mental flaws_vampire
Bull Totems war totems
Bunyip's Boom Gifts gumagan_3
Burden of Knowledge Gifts planetary_lu-bat_5
Bureaucracy Abilities knowledge knowledges
Bureaucratic Condemnation Rituals rituals_2
Burning Aura Merits merits_human
Burning Blade Rituals rituals_2
Burrow Gifts metis_2
Business Owner Merits merits_corporate
Butterfly Jamaks jamak