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Stat Category LStat Lists Slug
Blessed Statuses status blessed
Blessed Blood Fetishes talens blessed_blood
Blessing the Blade Gifts doshi_1 blessing_the_blade
Blessings of Kali Gifts nagah_3 blessings_of_kali
Blind Flaws flaws_human blind
Blind Gifts roko_3 blind
Blinding Moonbeam Gaze Gifts bastet_gifts, bastet_metis_2 blinding_moonbeam_gaze
Blissful Ignorance Gifts ragabash_2, bone_gnawers_2, silent_striders_2 blissful_ignorance
Blisters Gifts nuwisha_3 blisters
Blood Thaum_Paths thaumaturgy thaumaturgy_paths blood
Blood Paths paths blood
Blood Brothers Identities clans, clans_independent, clans_restricted blood_brothers
Blood Chalice Fetishes fetish_2 blood_chalice
Blood Contract Rituals rituals_5 blood_contract
Blood Dance Rituals rituals_3 blood_dance
Blood Filters Cyber cyber_all, cyber blood_filters
Blood Flaw Immunity Merits merits_ghoul blood_flaw_immunity
Blood Kin Rites mystic rites_garou blood_kin
Blood Mastery Rituals rituals_1 blood_mastery
Blood of Darkness Gifts rokea_5, brightwater_5 blood_of_darkness
Blood Omen Gifts black_spiral_dancers_2 blood_omen
Blood Omen Gifts black_spiral_dancers_2 blood_omen
Blood Rush Rituals rituals_1 blood_rush
Blood Scent Gifts same-bito_1 blood_scent
Blood Walk Rituals rituals_2 blood_walk
Blood's Curse Thaum_Paths thaumaturgy thaumaturgy_paths bloods_curse
Bloody Feast Gifts wendigo_3 bloody_feast
Bloody Feather Gifts tengu_3 bloody_feather
Bloody Feather Storm Gifts tengu_4 bloody_feather_storm
Bloody-Mindedness Gifts gumagan_5 bloody-mindedness
Blur of the Milky Eye Gifts ragabash_1 blur_of_the_milky_eye
Blur of the Weeping Eyes Gifts plague_lord_2 blur_of_the_weeping_eyes
Boar Totems war totems boar
Boating Abilities skill skills boating
Body Alteration Abilities skill skills body_alteration
Body Shift Gifts homid_4 body_shift
Body Wrack Gifts black_furies_4, ratkin_homid_4 body_wrack
Bolt Gifts eji_2 bolt
Bolt! Gifts ratkin_3 bolt_ratkin
Bolthole Rites rites_all, rites_ratkin bolthole
Bon Vivant Archetypes archetypes bon_vivant
Bonds that Tie Us Gifts philodox_3 bonds_that_tie_us
Bone Thaum_Paths necromancy necromancy_paths bone
Bone Gnawers Identities garou_tribes bone_gnawers
Bone Lacing 1 Cyber cyber_all, cyber bone_lacing_1
Bone Lacing 2 Cyber cyber_all, cyber bone_lacing_2
Bone Lacing 3 Cyber cyber_all, cyber bone_lacing_3
Bone Lacing 4 Cyber cyber_all, cyber bone_lacing_4
Bone of Lies Rituals rituals_4 bone_of_lies
Bone of the Kindred Rituals rituals_8 bone_of_the_kindred