Shutter Step


By employing this gift, the users form becomes entangled in the local gauntlet and the real world, and becomes invisible to all senses, cameras and other forms of detection. The user will leave illusory images of their form as they move about. Anytime someone notices the users illusions and stops paying attention, the illusion will disappear, and reappear at the users location again. Blinking, looking away, or focusing on local conversations cause this. These illusion continue doing whatever the user was doing at the time, be it sitting, reading, walking, etc. These illusion cannot interact, or be interacted with, and supernatural senses may see through them. During combat, the illusion appears at the start of each action the user takes, whether the user moves or not, making it difficult to keep track of. This uncanny flickering of movement to anyone trying to keep track of the user will appear supernatural in nature.


To activate the gift, the user must pierce the local gauntlet with a Gnosis roll, and spend one Gnosis point. The illusions can be seen through anyone who can see through supernatural deceptions. This doesn't include Heightened Senses. (Perception+Enigmas vs 7) to see through the illusions. The invisibility and incorporeal nature of the user makes them nigh impossible to see, aside from predicting based on where the illusions show up. During combat, anything targeting the user is at +5 Difficulty to hit or +3 Difficulty if they succeed on a contested (Perception+Engimas vs 7) vs the users (Manipulation+Subterfuge vs 7). This roll must be made at the start of each round. The gift can be dampened at will, and started back up by rolling to pierce the Gauntlet again. This gift lasts a scene.

Black Spiral Dancer 6