Extra Limbs


Fomori often have a number of extra limbs, usually in the form of tentacles or masses of tendrils. Such extra limbs often sprout from awkward places: for example, an extra arm growing from a fomor's thigh. Such a limb comes in awfully "handy" at times. This Power might allow the fomor an additional melee attack each turn (by splitting his Dice Pools), in addition to that extra hand to juggle the groceries, keys and wallet! Of course, the fomor does look a bit unusual and may have to hide his appearance from the easily startled humans that surround him. This Power can be purchased more than once, but costs 3 points for each new limb.


The fomor must declare how many new limbs he has and what kind upon obtaining this power. He can use these to attack, although he must either split his Dice Pool, or have a Power which allows extra attacks (such as Berserker or Extra Speed).

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