By sifting dirt and calling on the spirits within the ground, a puma receives visions of things that have happened in the area. These insights can help her follow trails, 'witness' past events, or learn where things came from or went. Bird-spirits often pass this Gift along, but some worm and elemental chaya do they part too, especially if the Bastet's questions serve the spirits' ends.
The Pumonca concentrates while chanting a single question and a plea. While she does, the player rolls perception + Enigmas to see into the past. Success reveals the answer. The more distant the even, the higher the difficulty, unless it left impressions so vivid that they never fade (like the Trail of Tears), which might reduce the difficulty by one or two. Events that occurred more than a year ago require a Gnosis point to 'see'. The vision comes from the perspective of the ground nearby, which might make details hard to read (imagine a worm's-eye view of a murder); some dreams pass emotional impressions, too, leaving moods that can last for hours. Time Elapsed Difficulty A week 4 A month 5 Six months 6 A year 7 10 years 8 50 years 9 100 years + 10
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