To honor Luna in her aspect as Artemis, the huntress of the moon, the Black Furies strive to master the art of archery. This Gift is the ultimate expression of their skill. By invoking the huntress' name and freeing her mind of distractions, a Fury can invest a single arrow with the light of Luna - and celestial killing power. Virtually no force of Gaia can make her miss, and when the arrow strikes, it does so with the force of a thunderbolt. This Gift is taught only by powerful Lunes in direct service to Luna-the-Huntress.
The Black Fury spends a point of Gnosis as she draws back the arrow and sights on her target; this takes a full action. While she is looking down the shaft of the drawn arrow (which glows with a faint silver light once 'charged'), wshe can see through any illusion or darkness that might impair her sight; this includes vampiric Disciplines, Gifts and magick. When she fires the arrow the next turn, the archer rolls Dexterity + Archery to hit as usual. However, this Gift gives her 3 bonus successes on the roll, and reduces the difficulty of the shot by 2 - only the most incredible botches or superhuman evasion can make the shot miss. The arrow inflicts ten dice of aggravated damage; those slain by the missile are immolated in a quick-burning silver fire that does not spread further than the corpse, and leaves only bones behind. However, this Gift must only be used in time of war - else Artemis becomes very displeased. If the Fury releases the arrow without a genuine living (or undead) target, or relaxes the bow and doesn't fire at all, the spent Gnosis point is permanently lost. Furies only invoke this Gift when they known they have a target that must be slain; using the illusion-dispelling abilities to 'scan for invisible enemies' is highly disrespectful, and counts as abuse of the Gift.