Warning: This is not a PC clan. Nickname: Demons Originating in Mesopotamia, the Baali are devil-worshippers. They are more committed to utter evil than the most psychotic Malkavian or brutal Sabbat Bishop. They firmly believe in the eventual ascension of utter darkness and that vampires are the chosen minions of the Powers that Wait on earth. They do not wish to maintain a Masquerade, or even to gain vampiric supremecy like the Sabbat -- they wish to summon their great lords back into the world, to turn the planet into a demon-ridden hell. Recently, Shaitan awoke in Mexico, and found himself surrounded by the chaos and confusion upon which he knew he would thrive. Quickly, the Baali began to flock to him. Unfortunately (for him), the sleep of the Ancients was not so easliy shrugged off, and soon enough he had returned to torpor. However, since the Baali had already gathered in such masses, there was little to be done but begin the conquest of Mexico for Baal. Perhaps predictably, the Sabbat are -NOT- amused. Sect: Independent Disciplines: Obfuscate, Presence, Daimoinon Weakness: Baali are affected by religious symbols, and all have the flaw Repelled by Crosses. They are doubly affected by Faith, as well. Book Reference: SG page 94