The mage has access to an area which has been attuned to their paradigm. Weak sanctums are usually only the size of small closets, while powerful sanctums can be as large as an entire house. Sanctums take time, energy and resources to create. Magic here is coincidental within their paradigm. The Sanctum also allows a certain amount of protection in the form of Arcane. Effects performed by the Mage inside their sanctum are coincidental, though effects that go outside of the sanctum generate Paradox normally. (Corr nukage is Corr nukage, even if your base difficulty for the effect is lower.) Each Tradition and Convention has a different method of creating Sanctums. A minor magickal effect is usually used to prepare the area (whether that means defragmenting the underlying inodes; aligning the chakras of the soul of the place; or sealing the walls and floor with a chemical agent to prevent them contaminating the atmosphere). Mages, in some cases, can share sanctums. Two mages of the same tradition can use the same sanctum with no penalty whatsoever. Some traditions can use other traditions' sanctums, but do so as if the sanctum were one dot less.


o No difficulty reductions, magick is coincidental. Arcane 1. oo Minus one diff, Arcane 2. ooo Minus two diff, Arcane 3. oooo Minus three diff, Arcane 4. ooooo Minus four diff, Arcane 5. Sanctum Creation Building up the sanctum requires a magickal effect with the tradition's Primary sphere (three dots), and any two spheres from: Corr 2, Life 2, Matter 2, Mind 2, or Prime 2. Two successes are required per dot in new level. Only one dot can be gained per year. Time magick can accelerate this, but the effect is vulgar, and always an active effect. Sharing Sanctums Communal sanctums shared by Mages of the same Tradition grow in power more quickly- each additional Mage sharing the sanctum reduces the base time by one month. The sharing of a sanctum by two Mages from different traditions depends on the nature of the tradition's common paradigm. From the following list, if the guest Mage shares two or more attributes with the host Mage, the guest Mage benefits from the sanctum. Akashic Brotherhood: Self-Oriented, Ancient, and Mystic Celestial Chorus: Ordered, Materialistic, and Mystic Cult of Ecstasy: Self-Oriented, Hedonistic, and Mystic Dreamspeakers: Hedonistic, Ancient, and Mystic Euthanatos: Ordered, Modern, and Mystic Order of Hermes: Ordered, Materialistic, and Ancient Sons of Ether: Ordered, Materialistic, and Technological Verbena: Hedonistic, Ancient, and Mystic Virtual Adepts: Self-Oriented, Modern, and Technological

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