The agent's official standing within the Technocracy, reflecting the esteem in which the hierarchy holds the Agent, and the extent to which the agent can draw upon the resources of the Union.
0: Unprocessed 1: Citizen. The usually un-enlightened foundation of the Technocracy: Progenitor technicians; Iteration X Kamrads; NWO sympathizers; Syndicate providers; and SysOp programmers and technicians. 2: Employee. Enlightened (or at least particularly capable) citizens become minor agents- employees: Progenitor Street Ops and Recruiters; Iteration X ciphers; NWO Men in Black; Syndicate associates; SysOp developers. 3: Operative. Highly proficient employees are promoted to full agent status after a few months or years: Progenitor Students; Iteration X Armatures; NWO Operatives, Reporters, and Gray Men; Syndicate Inspectors and Managers; SysOp Researchers and Designers. 4: Supervisor. Operatives chosen to lead amalgams, constructs, or as symposium representatives: Progenitor Primary Investigators; Iteration X Architects; NWO Intelligence Analysts; Syndicate Chairmen; SysOp Project Managers. 5: Master. The highest formally recognized level of agents, Supervisors that have shown particular management talent or spectacular dedication to the precepts: Progenitor Research Directors; Iteration X Comptrollers; NWO Gatekeepers and Men in White; Syndicate VPOs; SysOp Standards Committee Members.
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