Kinfolk, particularly human Kinfolk, are vital to Garou existence. Because they suffer neither frenzy nor Delirium, Kinfolk may freely enter human society to perform missions for their Garou cousins. Certain tribes, such as the Glass Walkers and Shadow Lords, have extensive networks of Kinfolk. Many of these Kinfolk hold positions of power among mortals, though the opposition of the vampires has checked Kinfolk dominance to an extent. Most Kinfolk have no special powers beyond their ability to fraternize with Garou. However, it is rumored that a few exceptional Kinfolk have rudimentary levels of Gnosis or even Rage. Such exceptional Kinfolk could conceivably learn Gifts, though few werewolves would teach them. You are in contact with certain humans or wolves who, while descended from the Garou, did not receive the 'gene' and so for all practical purposes are normal members of their species. They are immune to Delirium, however, and know of your origin; they are willing to help you however they can, though most are not in positions of power (those people are instead considered Allies). Networks of Kinfolk can be invaluable for Garou who wish to deal with the human world but cannot risk frenzy.
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