Generation describes how many steps of ascendancy stand between you and Caine. Each point you have in the background raises you a generation closer and increases the potency of your blood, as well as how much blood you may spend in a turn.
- 13th generation, blood pool 10, 1 blood point per turn o 12th generation, blood pool 11, 1 blood point per turn oo 11th generation, blood pool 12, 1 blood point per turn ooo 10th generation, blood pool 13, 1 blood point per turn oooo 9th generation, blood pool 14, 2 blood points per turn ooooo 8th generation, blood pool 15, 3 blood points per turn Generation 1-5 (12th - 8th) is purchasable with experience points at a cost of 6xp X current level (so: 12th gen = 6xp, 11th = 6xp, 10th = 12xp, 9th = 18xp, and 8th = 24xp; these costs are cumulative). Generation 6+ (7th & lower) is not available. It is up to the player to describe how they acquired the Generation, whether diablerie or some other ritual or magic. (Black veins will permanently mark the aura if diablerizing.)
Freebie Cost