Freak Factor

A genetic abnormality, a rare aspect of Ratkin who doesn't quite fit into wererat society. If you're playing a 'Freak aspect,' you must purchase this Trait. This is an odd duck background - each level must be purchased individually, rather than working cumulatively.
1: Unhinged - Your god is speaking to you. 2: Unstable - On gaining a Rage, roll a die; on a ten, gain another. Frenzy rolls are diff 4. 3: Unearthly - Spirits spend one less Power on any communication Charm with an Unearthly rat. These rats also gain the Spirit Speech gift automatically, and on gaining a Gnosis point, may gain another on a die roll of ten and makes a Rapture roll. 4: Unbalanced - These rats have an intuitive comprehension of either the Weaver or Wyrm, and gain the appropriate Sense gift. 5: Unnatural - The Deep Umbra is your norm; the physical world just doesn't make sense. -2 difficulty to sidestepping.
Freebie Cost