The Den Realm is a special area where the Bastet and the land have become one. These areas are fiercely guarded by the Bastet, and are owned by individuals, not prides. Urban Den Realms are remarkably hard to establish and keep.
In the Den Realm, the owner may step sideways or peer at any time, without a reflective surface, as if the Gauntlet were three. By touching up to two other associates, the Bastet may take them with him. Once per scene per current Gnosis, the Bastet may 'skip' -- disappear and emerge the next turn from any solid object. Anything 'bad' which happens on the land -- attacks, massacres, bulldozers -- gives the owner a cold bolt of pain which lingers until it is investigated. The problem can be located with a Perception+Den-Realm roll (diff 8.) The Bastet can always find his way back to the Den Realm. The size of a house/a square mile; base Gauntlet is five. The size of a mansion/two square miles; base Gauntlet is six. A city block square/five square miles; base Gauntlet is seven. Two city blocks square/ten square miles; base Gauntlet is eight. Five city blocks square/20 square miles; base Gauntlet is nine.
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