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Silver Chronicles

Silver Chronicles

"The Prophecy of the Phoenix tells us of the Apocalypse.  The signs we will know when it is upon us, and all hope is lost.

First they hunted our kin - all were slain, all were lost.  So many were buried, honored, and too many forgotten.  The Children of the Weaver took from us our legacy, denied our lineage to be pure and this was the first sign we ignored.  We told ourselves everyone must die.

Then the Children of the Weaver grew in number.  Too many for their iron towers to sustain them.  So they spread, taking too much of Gaia - children starving for the Mother's nourishment, feeding greedily upon her.  This was the second sign we ignored.  We told ourselves all life is sacred.

Next was the spread of the corruption, as we waited and watched.  The black death spread across her waters - the land rotted beneath our feet and no longer did her flowers grow in the deserts of sand left behind.  This, this was the third sign we ignored.  We told ourselves all mistakes can be corrected.

When the Wyrm grew powerful, decay spread and the infections of disease became overwhelming.  The animals grew maddened with disease, children were born twisted and warped, and even the strongest Warriors of Gaia were defenseless against the rot of the Wyrm's corruption.  This was the forth sign, when our tears fell but it was too late to cry.  We told ourselves all wounds could be healed with time.

Now the Winters have grown too cold, lasting longer than ever.  The Summers too hot, blistering skin of those exposed too long.  Harvests yield less every year, and the pestilence continues to spread throughout.   The last hopes of the Warriors of Gaia have been reduced nearly to ashes of their former glory.  The fifth of the seven signs of the prophecy is upon us, no longer can it be ignored.  We tell ourselves it is too late, but not all believe such things.

A pack known as Last Rites has weathered the tide of the approaching Apocalypse and fights to prevent its arrival despite  a losing war and crumbling walls.  It has suffered many losses, but still it has gained much renown for their deeds.  Now they have come to LATMA in hopes of resurrecting the Red Rock Caern as a key point along a lay line of Gaia's strength.  Perhaps their arrival is too late.  Perhaps they have lost too many to succeed this time.  Perhaps the war is already lost, but still they are here now."

WHO: Last Rites is made up primarily of Garou and Kinfolk.  They primarily recruit from the survivors of packs that have suffered great losses.  They believe themselves to be one of Gaia's last hopes on the brink of Apocalypse's arrival.

WHAT: The Silver Chronicles is designed to be both dramatic and heroic; celebrating the best and most exciting parts of Werewolf: The Apocalypse.  Members strive to be the best of the Warriors of Gaia, or to redeem themselves of mistakes which have cost them friends and loved ones. 

WHERE: Last Rites is building up enough strength to take on a great threat that has befallen Red Rock Caern - and find a way to protect the once strong Caern from being overtaken again.

WHY: Red Rock Caern has fallen dormant, and suffers from the corruption of LATMA.  Without its strength, the Wyrm grows unhindered and the Weaver's madness threatens to spread ever more rapidly.

WHEN: The final days before the sixth sign of the Apocalypse, When Gaia has given this pack a quest, a Sacred Journey it must perform - before the moon becomes blood against the black sky.

HOW: Join the Last Rites, as Gaian or Kinfolk - and save the world!



Members of Last Rites are often Garou with heroic backgrounds, or stories of great loss.  The Litany has become more than just a list of rules - it is likely the only way they have survived this long.  Key members in the pack (Pack Alpha, Beta, etc.) will be granted Rank 3 and 200 experience to flush out their characters to reflect their heroic deeds.  Regular pack members will be given Rank 2 and 100 experience - requiring a story of how they were recruited by Last Rites.  Kinfolk will be afforded 50 experience, with the expectation they will be completely loyal to the pack above all else.