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The Long Night

The Long Night is an NWoD/GMC hybrid chronicle that will explore the political machinations of those Damned of the NewBos metroplex. This troupe focuses heavily on Primacy level play (see Damnation City for details), though Primacy should influence street level roleplay for those characters in the troupe who are NOT particularly influential. There is no set metaplot beyond the setting itself and no defined or forseeable end to the story.

Characters will receive 15 bonus XP.

There will be no set time to play, but once a week (I hope), we will set and resolve Influence actions for the Regents.

Please feel free to apply to Apocalypse with a Regent, Vassal, or minion. Mortals and ghouls are welcome and those who are not Regents will help provide a full roster and give everyone in the troupe things to do besides brood in their havens.

A note regarding Agents. Regents can have Agents. These can be NPCs, 'PC's' played by the Regent's player as proxies, or played by other players. Please discuss with the ST your intent with regard to your Agent.


Vampire, ghoul or mortal.


The current balance of power

Prince: NPC


Fahl - Lancae Sanctum (claiming a portion of Upper Manhattan including the Cathedral of St. John the Divine)

Delphina - Ordo Dracul (domain TBD)