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Artifact Salvation Partnership

Hi, welcome to ASP!

Artifact Salvation Partnership
( Aka ASP )

A Relic hunting troupe based in LATMA, in the post apocalyptic world where dark and bad always happens, and loosely based on Warehouse 13.

Troupe Commentary
Future fun will include cross-rp and dabbling into Mummy, Wraith along with the already avaliable chars. Missions to hunt down artifacts, relics, or head out on expeditions are expected as part of the regular fun. Starting characters get 150xp to help set their character up.

It is perferred all characters have at least one internal troupe conflict/relationship in thier background. I.e The Ex-wife, Ex-employer, The Thief, The Unrequinted Love, You shot my Father... Etc (Just with 1 member.)

Main ST: Aralia
Hopefully this role will be Troupe shared.
Times for story: 11am EST and 5pm EST

Egyptian Museum, Forest Lawn


To be interested in joining and maintaining secret society status!

Focusing on mortal, mortal+, others considered.