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Life in many parts of LATMA is nasty, brutal, and a whole lot shorter if you're not armed and dangerous. However, this does not extend to Bright areas - carrying any form of weapon in Bright zones (such as Corporate Center or Downtown) is not only close to impossible, but liable to get you into lethal trouble with MetSec.


Most transportation within LATMA takes place on the TUBE lines, a series of interconnected rapid subways which have hubs in every major city of the metropolis.  This is the safest and cheapest way to travel, as the TUBE lines are maintained and secured by the Consortium.  SSN status is not checked - Bright and Dark alike are permitted to use them, for a small fee.  However, their advanced weapon-detection technology and public transit nature can be off-putting, so there are other options available.

The Matrix

The Matrix in Dark Metal canon is an immersive evolution of the internet. It can still be accessed to a limited degree by something akin to web browsers, but the majority of users are expected to be connecting via datajacks - cyberware implanted and connected to the nervous system, such that a user has a direct feed.

Principles of DM Gaming

The core theme of Dark Metal remains what it has always been: a grim future world, a huddled, caste-bound megacity like a tiny, corporatocratic, tech-worshipping country in a desolated landscape, terrified of and violently inclined toward the supernatural creatures that the population now knows to be reality.

The Setting

The primary setting of the game is LATMA, the Los Angeles-Tijuana Metropolitan Area, an irregularly but densely settled megacity which stretches down the whole southwestern coast of the former United States. After the Fall, which caused uncountable casualties, many of the survivors wanted nothing more than somewhere safe to begin living again. The Consortium stepped in - a shifting coalition of the most powerful corporations, with the most resources to bring to bear on securing their workforce and consumer population.

The Story

In the year 2000, the actions of warring supernaturals brought their existence to the attention of humanity in ways that they were unable to conceal. The resulting world war caused global havoc, decimating populations, destroying countries, and causing massive environmental damage; the end of the old world.

What is Dark Metal?

Dark Metal blends traditional tabletop with chatroom roleplay, and adds a wealth of its own customization - a multi-roomed, code-supported environment for exploring a collaborative fiction experience of a supernatural-cyberpunk world.

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