Sam's Interview


[Public] [ ] Wyrd: So, what're we going to do with Sam?

[Public] Sam: Thats how i am with the bank :) Guess we need to do his first meeting at some point.

[Public] [ ] Wyrd: We do. May have a new player joining us as of this morning, too - new to the game as well as the campaign.

[Public] [ ] Wyrd: Are you more inclined to do traditional MUSH, or would a Googledoc work better for you?

[Public] Sam: Traditional mush is my prefered paly style. Byt won't rule out google docs if it gets things rolling.

Miasma's Interview


**************** OOC ***********************

From afar, Miasma can do another interview if now is convenient

You paged Miasma with 'Sure, let me get set up.'.

Miasma pages: cool

Long distance to Miasma: Wyrd will probably be a tad slow. Ready?

Miasma pages: sure :D

Miasma has arrived.

Wyrd says "So, what are Miasma's conditions and specifics for setting up the meeting?"

[... private character details omitted ...]

Wyrd says "Works for me."

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