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Water, Water, Everywhere

The region which was once southern California, now largely engulfed by the spreading blight of LATMA, has never been resource-rich, but no resource is so scarce as water, and so none so precious.  The very few natural or constructed water sources in the area are, for the greatest part, Consortium-controlled.  A major pipeline or two still runs from the Colorado river, but the treatment required to decontaminate it makes it an expensive source.  More comes from water treatment plants processing the abundant but undrinkable Pacific.  Some is reclaimed from city usage.  All is earmarked for Bright citizens - or those who can pay.

The  hunt for new sources of water is perpetual for locals flying under the Corporate radar.  Some buy it gallon-by-gallon and may become desperate in the deep droughts and Santa Ana summers.  Others have fiercely defended wells tapping into the deepest reserves.  The daring few may tap the Corp's own pipelines, stealing from the grid in large or small ways.  Everyone needs water.  Everyone who isn't Bright or rich knows exactly how deep and dangerous that need can become.

This storyline is intended for a troupe either defending its own (or an ally's) water source from poaching, or the Consortium's against poaching... or doing a little poaching of their own.  Storyteller details (will) include characters and communities with an interest in LATMA's most precious resource, events which can have an impact on availability, and the outline for a wastelander plot involving a newly discovered aquifer.