Stat Type: 
Mortal+, Wraith or Risen
Freebie Cost: 

Mortal+: You possess some artifact of supernatural origin. In story terms, you've got some item with obvious occult overtones: a run-inscribed dagger, a box of black candles, an ancient brass chime, etc. Either it is something passed down in your family, someone gave it to you, or you've found it in the course of your own experiences. When you perform some incantation or simple action, the relic sets a weird event in motion, the higher the background rating, the more powerful the relic. To obtain a relic, you will need to mail the M+ admin with a description of what you would like the relic to do and it will be created/statted for you. Relics of level 1 - 2 will be relatively easy to obtain. Relics of lvl 3 - 5 will be extremely rare. It should be noted, artifacts can be stolen or given away.

Wraith: Once existing in the Skinlands, a relic is something that has persisted in the Shadowlands after its destruction.


1 - A minor relic
2 - A useful relic
3 - A relic of significant power
4 - A much-sought relic mentioned in many legends
5 - A relic of incredible power

1 - A seemingly insignificant relic, like the keys to a treasured car.
2 - A minor relic, perhaps a small work of art.
3 - A relic with some usefulness, a telescope or knife.
4 - A major relic with moving parts, often powered by Pathos.
5 - A huge or invaluable relic, a sophisticated device, or famous object.