Rat Thing

Stat Type: 

With a bit of practice, metis Ratkin can leam to take on a form between Crinos and Rodens, rather like the well-known Garou Hispo form. The result is agiant, lumbering Rat Thing: a long, funy quadrapedal rodent about the size of a large dog.


Roll Stamina + Primal-Urge, difficulty 7. Shifting from Rodens or Crinos requires one success; shifting from Homid form requires three successes. As usual, spending a point of Rage will automatically shift the character into this form. The Rat Thing's Physical Attributes are Strength +4. Dexterity + 1, Stamina +1; the brute is far stronger than it is agile, but it can lumber along at three times normal running speed. If the rest of the pack is in Rodens form, they can easily ride on the back of this beast of burden. With absolute obedience, it will carry them through hell and high-water on its furry back.

Unfortunately, size is traded off for intelligence. A wererat in Rat Thing form has an effective Intelligence of 1, and can only follow the simplest otders. It cannot speak, save for vague grumbling noises. Its Manipulation score is also effectively 0. Though it is too dense to be affected by any kind ot' supernatural mind control, it has theattention span of a two-year-old human child. Pity the stupid, stupid Rat Thing.