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Obtenebration relates to the powers of darkness, allowing the user to manipulate shadows and the Abyss in a powerful manner.


1 - Shadow Play. The vampire can manipulate shadows, dim illumination, and play with the lighting in minor ways.

System: This can be used to eliminate the vampire's shadow, or grant an extra die of Stealth or Intimidation. No roll is required, but a Blood Point must be spent.

2 - Shroud of Night. The vampire may evoke an area of inky black matter. The darkenss obscures light and even sound. Even characters with Auspex or Protean 1 receive a penalty of three dice. The darkness is usually static, but with all the vampire's concentration, it may be moved at walking speed.

System: For every success on a Manipulation+Occult roll (diff 7) a 10' square area may be covered in the shadowy stuff. The range of this power is 50 yards. The Shroud may be summoned in an area the vampire cannot see, but the difficulty for such is 9, and a Blood Point will be required.

3 - Arms of the Abyss. The vampire may summon tendrils and tentacles of shadow to grasp his foes.

System: A Manipulation+Occult roll must be made (diff 7); successes may be spent to call a tentacle (one per success) or two increase their length (the base length is six feet, plus a foot for each tentacle.) Each tendril has Strength 4, Dexterity 3, and Brawl 2 (for grasping.) These tentacles act like arms, and can be manipulated as such (hence the name); anything the vampire might do with his own arms, he can practically do with these. Moving one arm takes one action.

4 - Nightshades. This power lets the vampire evoke illusions made of shadow. They are monochromatic and murky, but can be anything, usually human-sized. Alternatively, a whole area may be plunged into a frenzied shadow-play.

System: The vampire may create one Nightshade for each success on a Wits+Occult roll (diff 7). Successes may also be used to double the size of a Nightshade. Alternatively, one success can be used to cover a 10' area with flitting shadows, each additional success increasing the diameter by five feet. Anyone within the shadows without Obtenebration have their initiative diffs increased by three and their Dice Pools reduced by one.

5 - Shadow Body. The vampire can shift into a shadowy humanoid. In this form she is mostly invulnerable, can see in the deepest shadow, or pass through the smallest cracks.

System: The vampire must spend three Blood Points, and the change takes three turns. He will be immune to physical attacks, but may not physically attack anyone. Fire and Sunlight damage normally, but the difficulty to avoid Roetschreck in those conditions is one higher in this form. Please note that you are NOT invisible, that if the area is not full of dark and shifting shadows (ie, lit only by unshielded/guttering firelight) you WILL be seen, and you CAN be recognized on a successful wits + alertness vs 8 roll. For those of you who don't have the books, 'successful' (full success) is defined in the White Wolf system as meaning '3 or more successes'. Remember that.