Natural Camouflage

Stat Type: 

By crouching down and remaining still in a natural environment (woods, desert, swamp) , the Garou may appear as part of the landscape. Unless someone is actively searching for the Garou, she will be dismissed as a hummock, tree stump or some other natural feature. This Gift is taught by a Chameleon-spirit.


For the Garou must roll Perception + Alertness (difficulty 9) to see through the camouflage. The Garou may spend a Gnosis point to negate being seen in this fashion. If mostly unobserved (ie., the searcher may be scanning the area but has his back to the Garou, only occasionally turning in her direction), the Garou may remain camouflaged while moving slowly toward or away from the searcher, stopping whenever the searcher looks her way. Even slow movement while the searcher is looking in the Garou's direction will break the illusion, however.