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This is the Discipline of the strange fae line of Cainites known as the Kiasyd, and allows them to harness their fae nature through the Blood.


1 - Fey Sight. This power allows the vampire to see a Changeling's fairy seeming and to see Freeholds for what they are. He can see through glamour and see invisible faeries. The vampire can, too, through concentration make out spirits in the Dreaming.

System: No roll is required, unless trying to Peer into the Dreaming. Roll Perception+Occult (diff 9).

2 - Darkling Trickery. The vampire can cause minor magical pranks. The vampire can create numerous spontaneous effects, and while none should be overtly harmful, they are most certainly annoying. Examples: the victim's hair falls out; the vampire screams, deafening all nearby and scaring animals; all plants within 100yd radius die; small stones fall from the sky; the victim slips and falls on the floor; jam simple machine.

System: Roll Manipulation+Occult (diff 7). More successes mean greater effect or longer duration.

3 - Goblinism. The vampire has an innate understanding of earth and stone; he can instantly identify metals, rock formations, and stones. Underground he has an intuitive direction sense. Through long effort, the Kiasyd can alter earth and stone.

System: The knowledge and direction sense are automatic. To shape stone, roll Charisma+Leadership (diff based on relative Glamour of the area). More successes cause the stone to 'obey' with less resistance.

4 - Faerie Wards. The Kiasyd can protect an area with Fae glyphs, causing anyone who enters the area to become disoriented. These can be placed on people, causes the victim to suffer the disorientation.

System: Roll Dexterity+Security (diff of 7 for inanimate objects or the target's Willpower). Successes determine duration (an hour, a night, a week, a month, a year). Anyone entering the protected area has all difficulties on Mental rolls raised by one, and must roll Intelligence+Investigation (diff 8) or become lost.

5 - Riddle Fantastique. As soon as someone hears the Riddle Fantastique, she can do nothing but try to solve it. It is so impenetrable that it can actually damage the fragile brains of those who think about it.

System: Roll Manipulation+Lore_Faerie (diff of target's Willpower). The target must do nothing but sit and ponder the riddle until she accumulates five times the riddler's successes on a Wits+Lore_Faerie roll (diff 10). This roll is extended and can be rolled once per hour. Every time the victim botches the roll, she takes one level of damage and loses as many successes as she rolled 1's. This trance can be ended if the victim is told, by the riddler, the answer.>