Stat Type: 
Wraith or Risen
Freebie Cost: 

Memory is the way in which the living interact with the dead. People tend to remember those who are lost in strange ways, or to project thoughts and feelings onto those who are no longer there to represent themselves.


Memoriam allows a wraith to gain extra Pathos. By invoking the feelings the living have for her, once per session a wraith can roll her Memoriam rating (difficulty 8), with each success granting 1 point of Pathos. On a botch, 1 point of Memoriam is permanently lost, as the inevitable process of forgetfulness and myth obscures memories of the wraith.

1 - One person remembers you.
2 - A handful of people remember you on occasion.
3 - Your family and a few others remember you and some things you did together.
4 - A community, organization, or company has you on its roll of honor--or curses your name.
5 - You have legendary status for an entire nation (or more).