Stat Type: 
Wraith or Risen
Freebie Cost: 

In life, you were responsible for some object, work or concept that endures.


Once per story, a wraith can try to gain focus and comfort from her legacy. To do so, the wraith must travel to the site of the legacy (or some important place associated with it, if intangible) and roll Legacy vs difficulty 7. The number of successes represents the number of levels of damage the wraith can heal. Normal damage is regenerated instantly; aggravated damage takes an hour of attendance per Corpus level healed.

1 - A painting of yours hangs on the wall of an obscure gallery.
2 - You funded a building on a college campus.
3 - You re-seeded a devastated forest area through which people pass every day.
4 - You designed the Eiffel tower or the Statue of Liberty.
5 - An important idea in modern life is attributed to you. Perhaps you founded a religion or a political movement.