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Game Info: How-To

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How-To Shifter Descs

For shapeshifter characters, setting up the descriptions can be one of the more frustrating and tedious parts of the creation process. In an attempt to minimize the pain, there are various tools available to automate default messages and desc-changing with the +shift command. Here's a point-by-point how-to:

How-To How to Play

As fancy chatrooms, MUSHes are best played with a little bit of support software.  Your easiest option is to use this browser-based client.

How-To Create and Run a Troupe

All Dark Metal players are welcome to create troupes - there is no specific requirement.  If you have a few friends who want to play together, or a notion for a campaign, that's all you need.

How-To Create a Character

First, log into the MUSH.  At present, all character generation takes place on-game.  Make sure to use 'create <name> <password>' at the login screen - Guest characters can't go through the generation system.