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Here Comes NWoD/GMC

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Here Comes NWoD/GMC

So as some of you may already know, NWoD is coming to DM. Classic World of Darkness will still be available to play in LATMA as always, but there may be some troupes who want to try something different. Mortal, Ghoul, and Vampire are in testing, now.

I have been coding NWoD/GMC hybrid things (chargen, +sheet, globals, and what-not) and we're very close to having a playable game for NWoD players.

Because NWoD and Classic WoD are so different, we will also be introducing a new grid area for the NWoD troupes: NewBos (the New York, New Jersey, Boston metroplex). It will have its own enclosed continuity and post-Fall history.

All of that said, I am posting this here as a call to players to discuss various elements of NewBos, what you might like to see in government, corporations, tech level, territories, and so on. This is an open discussion and I'm looking forward to reading what you want to play.