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I'll be running the first CtL LATMA campaign in the relatively near future, introducing the backstory we're using to bring the race into play.  Anyone who'd like to develop a character to play along, whether for now or later, here's a thumbnail:

Times of great emotional turmoil are also times when Fae kidnappings rise.  Fifty years in Faerie is about the maximum for them to manage a return, since one's human memories fade in the Durance.  LATMA, in 2051, is about to see a great returning.

Left to their own, the majority of the Changelings kidnapped during the Fall would probably never escape. The world has changed so greatly from the times they knew that very little resembles the world they might be able to cling to, to find their way back through the Thorns. Luckily for some of them, at least, there's a collective on the outside working to jailbreak them. A Changeling with great power both fae and worldly has established the beginnings of an underground railroad of sorts, a series of safehouses in the Hedge and a new sanctuary in LATMA to which the newly freed will be brought. They'll be provided with knowledge, backgrounds, legal documentation if they wish it and have the mental faculties to manage a Bright lifestyle, the resources necessary to find a new life.

In return, they swear an Oath to the secrecy of this sanctuary - and possibly more, should they choose.

We may play out preludes for those interested - the life before the Fall, or during the years of chaos immediately following it.  The kidnapping and Durance that take them out of the collapsing world may well seem a rescue, at least at first.  But by now, these Changelings have long since begun longing for their escape. How they meet with their would-be rescuers, the flight through the Hedge, and then the cultural shock of what has become LATMA and the rest of the world, will be the bulk of the story, as well as getting settled in with their new companions or starting outside lives.

If you have thoughts on a character you'd like to play, drop me a note on-game. We're looking to form the nucleus of a Changeling troupe, and supporting players for anyone generally interested.