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Cybernetically-enhanced is as good a place to start as any. Though, we won't flag Voodoo as a monster cyborg. At least not to the naked eye. Eyes... Most of the time, his eyes are a roiling mercury, whirling pools where pupils should be that twist and writhe when he changes focus. That would be the only noticeable modification to this man. His complexion is a light mocha.

Voodoo has a presence. Something about him screams veteran. Or maybe even current military. He's moderately attractive, but there's nothing about his appearance, alone, that makes him stand out in a crowd.

He stands slightly more than six feet with a wirey, but sturdy frame. He dresses casual, with a bit of thought for recent weather patterns. Over a white tee and black cargo pants, he wears a worn synth-leather duster that has seen its share of acid-rain. Is that a bullet hole, there? Black work boots to complete.

On the right cuff of his coat, a yellow smiley face stares out in silent protest to the constant oppression that is life in this dismal 'future'. Have a nice day.

Public History: 

Dane "Voodoo" Roland was a MaxTac sergeant. Not long after an incident in Forest Lawn, he retired. He was much-maligned by that community for touching off an explosion that killed several rebel fighters and injured numerous bystanders with his rash assault on an anti-Consortium position.

Beyond that, little is known of this man...