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The man before you exudes 'wild, unchained predator' with every gesture. He's physically imposing, standing just about six feet tall, maybe a little more. He wears a sleeveless denim jacket over a black tee-shirt. Loose-fitting black cargo pants and black work boots complete the very simple, rugged outfit. Maybe he's a biker?

He has long blonde hair and an unkempt scruff on his face. His right eye is ice blue, striking, and his left is a dead shell, milked over and useless.

Public History: 

Known among the kindred as the Wolf of Anaheim, though recent rumors exist that he has forsaken sect entirely and abdicated control of Anaheim. He is known to have had dealings with both the Camarilla and the Sabbat. The rest of society, supernatural or mortal, knows little to nothing about him.

RP Prefs: 

I like how conflict builds and am happy to push that along, wherever it leaves my character in the end. That said, I strongly dislike 'bully' roleplay.

Regarding logging: If you are going to post public logs of our roleplay, I only ask that you ask me first.

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